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After more than 25 years of managing companies and doing business development in the global markets, we realized that most of the Israeli Startups cooperation attempts with global companies fail or do not achieve their potential (even when they reach the right party) due to their lack of knowledge and experience in approaching, building a cooperation and working in the global markets.

This (and even more…) is exactly what we, in Gady Group bring to the table.


Business Development Strategy

In this stage we help companies to build a proper business development strategy: where to focus, where NOT to focus, who to target and in what way.

The outcome of this stage is the Strategy and a work plan of how to approach the relevant markets.


Finding the Right Partners

During more than 25 years of working in the global markets with various companies all over the world we have gained tens of excellent contacts to C-Level people in companies in the High-Tech/Technology/IT, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical industries all over the world.

In this stage we help companies to prepare a proper set of materials that will enable them to approach the right potential partners and we use our contacts to find the right partners.


Making It Happen

In this stage we simply make it happen!

We approach the relevant partners (through our contacts) and help the company to manage all the interaction with the partner, from first introduction email through the partnership agreement up to execution and maintain a long term relationship.

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