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For Fibroadenoma Treatment

Cryoablation is an FDA-approved treatment for destroying fibroadenomas ( the most common type of breast tumor), and is an alternative to open surgery. It is the use of extreme cold to completely destroy tissue. Cryoablation technology is an established, effective therapy that has been used for decades to destroy benign and cancerous tumors in prostate, liver and other organs. The technology and procedure has now been optimized for breast fibroadenomas.

The IceSense3™ cryoablation procedure is a safe and effective way to treat breast fibroadenomas. A simple, ultrasound-guided office-based procedure can address the anxiety of living with an uncomfortable tumor in breast. Further, the size and shape of the breast will not be affected as the treated tissue is gradually reabsorbed.

GADY Group is ICECURE's regional distributor for several regions.

For more information about ICECURE - click to visit their website.

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