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Resdevco is a pharmaceutical Research & Development company specializing in the development of advanced non-systemic medications based on Bio-Active Vehicles via  gene expression modification methods . 

Resdevco specialize in products for skin and eyes.

 Products For Eyes 

Resdevco's Dry eye drops have been clinically proven to treat Conjunctivochalasis. It is the only known non-surgical treatment of the disease that exists today, worldwide. The claim "Treatment for Conjunctivochalasis" is officially registered in Hungary and in the process of registration in other countries.

Conjunctivochalasis represents one of the most common age-related eye diseases and is characterized by the presence of redundant folds of the conjunctiva that typically are detected between the eyeball and the eyelids


Resdevco's Dry eye drops have been clinically proven to treat Sjögren's syndrome. It is the only known treatment of the disease with zero side effects that exists today, worldwide. 

Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease characterized by dryness of the mouth and eyes

 Products For Skin 

XyliDerm® & Xylinep® is Moisturizing Gel for dry skin, Atopic eczema, Hand eczema, Allergic reactions of the skin and Psoriatic skin. 

Xylinep® was proven in studies as restores the pathology of the dry skin to a normal and younger state.


For more information about RESDEVCO - click to visit their website.

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