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The future of blood diagnostics is here

OLO- The first complete blood count device for point-of-care. Doctors will have the answers they need within a single office visit.

Combining patented sample preparation with machine-vision detection, OLO delivers unprecedented diagnostic accuracy, simplicity and reliability.


Sight’s algorithm analyzes characteristics like cell size, shape, and intracellular morphology. Lab-quality results are delivered in minutes, displayed on-screen and available for printout and mail.

Simple to

The testing process begins with a simple and foolproof sample preparation. Our foil-sealed test kit contains everything you need


The manual staining workflow has been replaced by a self-contained unit that is sample-ready in seconds. Just two drops of blood is all it takes. Patented technology is used to form a standardized monolayer of cells.

Once inserted into the instrument, the sample is rapidly imaged using a specialized multi-channel microscope. The extraordinary accuracy of the images allows Sight’s algorithms to carefully differentiate cells as well as identify various anomalies.

GADY Group is SIGHT's regional distributor for several regions.

For more information about SIGHT - click to visit their website.

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