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UNFO is a revolutionary solution developed specifically for the therapy of Metatarsus Adductus/pigeon toed also known as Metatarsus Varus, Forefoot Adduction in newborns. UNFO addresses the difficulties and stress of frequent casting, the ineffectiveness of stretching and the consequential under-or over-treatment of Metatarsus Adductus.

Parents and children around the globe can now benefit from a child-friendly corrective foot brace that provides effective, safe, and stress-free treatment – providing families with peace of mind and improving their quality of life.

Standing up to the world’s highest medical standards, Thousands of parents have used the UNFO shoe and successfully treated their infants with Metatarsus Adductus (Metatarsus Varus, Forefoot Adduction) with quickly and visible results.

UNFO is far superior, safer and less stressful than serial casting for the treatment of MTA of any severity.  Additionally, UNFO places the responsibility of treating mild to moderate patients in the physician’s hands rather than relying on the parents’ ability to correctly perform stretching exercises on their baby’s feet several times a day for weeks and months as a compromising “wait-and-see” treatment.  As there is no need to “wait and see” whether stretching is an effective treatment for the infant, UNFO prevents the risk of failing to treat infants with MTA in time.

With UNFO, parents can be assured that their baby will be correctly treated from the start.  The patient benefits from an innovative and state-of-the-art treatment while the physician gains credibility and the ability to effectively treat all forms of MTA.

GADY Group is UNFO's regional distributor for several regions.

for more information about UNFO - click to visit their website.

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